There's an Agile
for Every Project.

If you love reunions, it’s time
to reintroduce you to the Agile family.

The Agile range of desking has been a part of the family for a while now, but a lot has changed since the last time we all got together. There’s been upgrades, engineering tweaks and even whole new designs added to the family tree.


There’s no bigger lie in advertising than the infamous line of “one size fits all”. Despite the convincing marketing spin, there just isn’t one single product that can meet every need of anyone that picks it up.

We realized this pretty early on, and rather than try to design one desk to rule them all, we decided to engineer a suite of desks and accessories to accommodate every possible office project.

The result is the new and expanded Agile range, a collection of durable, versatile, and stylish desking solutions to suit any situation.


10 year warranty - AgileMotion+ frame now with 15 year warranty


Cross compatable with entire Agile screen accessory range


& durable

An Agile for Every Space.

Versatility is at the heart of the Agile range, and we’ve designed
each Agile to meet a very specific project need.

Need to increase your office’s quota
of height adjustable desking without
breaking the bank?

Agile Winder has you covered.


Need a range of fixed desking that
matches the rest of your current range?

Agile Fixed is the stylish solution.

Need a budget-conscious solution
for a pod of electric standing desks??

Agile Motion is the answer.


Need a premium desking option for
executive and priority clients?

AgileMotion+ has that competitive edge.

Agile Compatibility.

We ensured that the entire Agile range is compatible with the various accessories and acoustic screen solutions we have available. This includes our Agile cable management systems, Studio50 screens and Acoustiq panelling solutions.

Agile Piece of Mind.

Just like all OLG’s products, the Agile range is covered by the same 10-year manufacturers warranty for faulty products. With the average office refresh cycle being between 3-5 years, Agile products are guaranteed to last beyond the average lifetime of most competing products.

OLG Supports You.

As one of Australia’s leading office furniture wholesalers, we do everything in our power to support our resellers. For a full list of everything we can do, check out How OLG Can Win You a Deal.

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The term “Agile” now refers to our fixed Agile desking, winder adjustable and two column electric standing desks.

It’s the same, unchanged Agile line that’s been around for over a decade, sharing the same high quality materials and engineering processes as the rest of the family.

Choose Agile for: Customers that want a budget-conscious solution that increases an office’s quota of height-adjustable desks.

Customers wanting to style-match existing Agile desking solutions with a fixed-height option.


Part of our “contract essentials line”, the brand-new AgileMotion represents our entry level, three column standing desk solution.

But don’t let the terminology fool you. With the same engineering detail and superior build quality you’ve come to expect from the Agile range of desking, the AgileMotion definitely doesn’t feel like an entry-level workstation.

Choose AgileMotion for: Customers that want a mid-tier standing desk for the price of an entry-level solution.

Customers wanting a square-leg profile (only available with AgileMotion)


We’ve Upgraded the Agile+ to AgileMotion+.

The Agile+ we all know and love just got an upgrade, and it’s not just about the name change.

Upgraded Motor:
Integrated dual motors increased to a 25V, 6A system.

Upgraded Controller Firmware & Handset:
- Output - DC 29V, 8A maximum.
- 10% maximum duty cycle rating.
- Improved collision detection.
- User interface is now more intuitive.

This places the AgileMotion+ firmly in our premium and designer categories - perfect for executive, C-suite, and client-facing spaces.

Choose AgileMotion+ for: Customers that want a premium standing desk solution that style-matches existing Agile products.

Customers wanting a round-leg profile (only available with Agile and AgileMotion+).

Customers that require their products hold an AFRDI rating for safety and compliance.


Stuck for ideas? Or maybe you just want an office furniture wholesaler that you can rely on.

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Strong & Durable.

All Agile desking frames are constructed
from 2mm powdercoated steel for premium
strength and additional stability.

E0 Grade Worktops.

Our worktops are made from commercial
grade E0 melamine, constructed with
zero formaldehyde, ensuring the highest
environmental rating available.


Fast Assembly.

The Agile range of workstations have beed designed
for quick assembly - rails come pre-fitted to the
legs where possible and ‘tool’ bits are provided.

Compatible Design.

All Agile desks and workstations have a similar
DNA in their design and are engineered to fit
seamlessly together. Whether its’ fixed, winder,
motion or motion+, your Agile desk will look
at home with any of the rest of the family.