Modulus Flip Table

Modulus flip table frames are the industry leaders. Strong, AFRDI certified and flexible. The polished foot is excellent for training spaces that have dirty workwear - meaning a hardy, easy clean finish in all the right places.

Modulus Meeting Table

Modulus meeting tables are an Aussie classic. The strong frame system and European lines have made this an excellent choice over the years. Many size options with a full suite of power box options available.

Modulus Mobile Meeting Table

The classic modulus with castors for mobility. Great for spaces that require maximum layout flexibility. Suits worktops 600-900mm deep, 900-2400mm long. Can be integrated with some powerbox options.

Modulus Boardroom Table

Modulus Boardroom Tables are one of the most configurable table systems on the market. Multiple widths, lengths, and number of spans means that almost any size boardroom table can be configured. Combine with your favorite veneer,solid timber or even leather inlaid worktop for the unltimate boardroom.

Modulus Wall Mount Solid Beech Table

Modulus wall mount tables are perfect for information/interaction points in shared spaces. The shaped meeting point worktop works well with the seated height pole or the standing height.

Modulus Coffee Table

Modulus coffee table bases are excellent for the informal low tables. Works well with a 400mm - 600mm diameter worktop.


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MT3608C2_B 3600x1200
MT3618CC2_B 4000x1800
MFLIP110_B 1800x900
MFLIPL080_B 1500x750
MT1406F_B 1500x750
MT1408F_B 1500x800
MT1508CP_B 1600x900
MT1908F_B 2100x900
MT2106F_B 2400x900
MT2114CC_B 2600x1400
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