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Keeping a clear desk

  • Written by: Kemble Judd

  • |
  • 24 Jul, 2019

In an effort to attract & retain the best talent, more employers are offering flexible working, giving employees greater choice than ever before. As traditional working norms are being modified, we are also seeing a corresponding rise in flexible and non-traditional workspaces.
Put simply, flexible workspace enables occupiers to utilise space on demand. Physical environments are adaptable spaces that offer a blend of zones to suit different working formats, and co-working hubs and serviced offices.
Rather than designated areas for the individual, all these spaces emphasise community, sociality and commonality. This offers a liberating challenge for the user of these spaces; working self-contained and clutter-free.
Leading a minimalist life in a digital age seems like a no-brainer, but does not come as simply to the creative human mind as could be expected. However, there are real benefits that we should all embrace.
In an age speed up by the proliferation of technology, how does less distraction and less stress sound? A cluttered office desk is filled with potential distractions and the encumbering stress it results in. Sticky-notes, business cards, file folders, and uncompleted projects all clamour for our attention every moment of the day. Removing them allows our mind to better focus on the most important project of the moment: the one you are working on.
Use an email client like Outlook to store contact info and a maintain your daily task list, or try a visual app like Trello or Todoist. And above all, work on the mantra of “what is the worst thing that could happen if I threw this out?” If you really need to keep a record, try scanning or taking a photo of a document rather than keeping a physical copy. Cloud storage apps such as DropBox or OneDrive make digital documents available across multiple devices, anywhere, anytime.
And speaking of liberation, a clutter free desk gives you freedom. Freedom to pursue the project of your choosing. Your to-do list is not held captive by the folders on your desk. It is determined by you – even if you are getting direction from someone else. A new day brings new opportunity and the potential to accomplish something great. Walking into an office with yesterday’s work still visible immediately anchors you to the past, chaining yesterday to today’s potential. But a clean desk breeds life, encouragement, and endless possibilities.

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