Office Designer... making
your office planning easier than ever!

Over the past few months our dedicated OLG Office Fitout Team have been working on making major upgrades and developments to our Office Designer program. Over 350 new models have recently been added to the vast library and there have been significant improvements made to the lighting and texture options available.

You can even convert your office fitout designs into a high quality 3D renders that are sure to impress your clients. Simply click on the link below to register and see what OLG's Office Designer programme can do to help get your sales over the line.

Create photorealistic 3D renders from your designs!

The latest improvements to OLG's Office Designer now make it possible to easily convert your original lifelike 3D fitout models into high quality photorealistic 3D renders in just a click of a button. Check out the result below!


Here are some key features and benefits of Office Designer:

  • Accessible online anywhere, anytime.
  • Impress clients by presenting a 2D and 3D visualisations of their desired layouts.
  • Higher job success rates and shorter sales cycles.
  • Share and collaborate with colleagues and clients.

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