Welcome to OLG's
Virtual Showroom

Explore, Visualise, Interact!

Step inside and you'll find a beautiful virtual representation of our Sydney Showroom. Wander around the virtual office and take a look at the various seating, desking, screen and soundproofing solutions on offer. There are more than 60 products on display with interactive screens, videos, and a few hidden surprises throughout the virtual floorplan.

Take your time, learn about our various products, and if you wish, click through to our online purchasing portal.

Navigate around the Virtual Showroom by clicking on glowing hot spots on the floor.

Click and Drag to look around and Scroll Up & Down to Zoom In or Zoom Out.

Jump between hot spots by using the mini map of the showroom on the lower right corner of the screen.

Click on various monitors to Play or Stop videos.

Right Click on your mouse to Mute or Unmute all audio, Modify the way you click and move around the showroom, and Enter/Exit Full screen mode or you can just double click.

Click on the icon near each product to open the Product Description window and Learn more about that product and view links to purchase on myolg.online

Click on the icon to Enter or Exit a Room.

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