Where to Find Install Instructions

Most of us fancy ourselves as someone who can confidently put together an IKEA flatpack based on experience and intuition alone, but the reality is a lot more humbling. The good news is that in 2023, there is no shame in asking for the instruction manual.

But if you’ve lost, misplaced, or destroyed the assembly instructions that came with your OLG office furniture, where can you find a replacement?

In this article, we’ll link you to OLG’s manual repository as well as list some backup sources, so you’re never left trying to figure out where the final two bolts go.

Physical Instruction Manuals

The vast majority of OLG’s products come with a printed, physical instruction manual.  The best place to look is in the box containing the product’s legs.

Instruction Manuals Online

Instructions manuals go missing all the time.  Whether accidentally thrown out, or lost amongst a pile of boxes and packaging, instruction manuals are the most commonly replaced item in our whole inventory!

Luckily, all of our instruction manuals are available online at www.olgoffice.com

Simply click on the “Products” menu tab and select the relevant item. Then click on “Resources” to be taken to a repository of product documents.

Here you’ll find maintenance and installation instructions, product brochures, certifications, warranty details and technical drawings (CAD).

Other Online Manual Services

There are many other independent manual services online if other sources are somehow unavailable.  These include Manualslib and Manualzz.

If All Else Fails, We’re Only a Phone Call Away

If all these methods fail, you’re absolutely welcome to give us a call at 02 8188 2732 so we can arrange to send you a replacement manual.

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