Agile with Radius18 Hung Screen

Add focus and privacy with OLG’s Radius18 screen range. Available in a wide range of colours in Splice, Motionfelt and Breathe fabric. Radius18 screens can be used to easily  create personal zones within your office environment by producing spaces within spaces. They are great for quickly adding a splash of colour in your office in combination with a sleek and modern look.  

Plantation with Radius18 Spine Screen

Easily customizable, Radius18 screens give you the ability to have a separate fabric colour on each side of the screen. All screens come with 40mm radius on all corners and are extremely lightweight and designed for easy assembly and installation. Available for Agile, Plantation, Trestle and Modulus and Cosmic for single sided and double sided desking systems in both hung screen and spine screen configurations. Create your desired office environment with Radius18 Screens. 


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