Agile with Acoustiq Hung Screen

AcoustiQ Interior Solutions absorb noise, blocking it from being reverberated within a room, whilst also providing additional protection from ambient, airborne, and structure-borne noises. AcoustiQ is a unique & highly versatile product that can provide 3-dimensional acoustic control in offices, learning environments, institutions & public facilities. The objective in providing acoustic solutions is to create a space that offers a high signal-to-noise ratio. This can dramatically improve an individual’s ability to focus in an environment for a longer period of time. 

Wall Cladding

A wide range of solid colours, and a soft hand feel, make AcoustiQ Wall Cladding an ideal alternative to traditional wall finishes. AcoustiQ Wall Cladding delivers excellent acoustic performance and has a pinnable, hook-and-loop receptive surface. Wall Cladding is applied to any wall surface with the help of TensorGrip® X40 adhesive spray which has been developed in conjuction with the acoustic industry for all acoustic panel bonding applications. It is fast drying and suitable for all types of acoustic panel installations. 

Ceiling Mounted Space Divider Panels

The AcoustiQ Ceiling Mounted Space Dividers includes an assortment of hand selected patterns with hanging kits to mount to ceiling and floor. Theses screens provide a visual & acoustic barrier that is very suited to the modern open office, or activity based working environment. 

Ceiling Sound Traps

Ceiling Sounds Traps are an extremely effective way to manage unwanted sound, and the AcoustiQ sound trap collection gives you a practical & stylish way to do just that. Whether linear or rippled baffles, or geometric “cloud” shapes, AcoustiQ has an option for your needs. 

Screen Dividers

Screen Dividers are a quick & easy solution to provide a level of acoustic performance. Extremely cost effective, these are made from the same exceptional AcoustiQ material and shaped with soft curves to remain unobtrusive. Available in slide-on, clamp-on and also hung screen designs. 

Wrap Screens

We spend a good proportion of our lives at work, and the office can be a noisy world. Wrap screens adapt your workspace to become and oasis of quiet & calm. In your choice of colour from the AcoustiQ range. 

Custom Wall Art

With precision equipment able to cut & shape AcoustiQ panel very simply, elegant acoustic wall art (and signage!) can be made that provides effective acoustic control for any interior environment. 


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