Australia, you’re spoilt for choice. When it comes to wholesale office furniture suppliers, there are no less than 15 companies nationwide competing for your business. At face value, there might not be a whole lot that separates them, but each office furniture wholesaler has its pros and cons.

One business might cater only for retail stores, while another specializes in supplying drop shippers. Then you have wholesalers that avoid direct selling altogether, choosing to only work in the project fit out and refurb industry.

So how do you pick the best furniture wholesaler, especially considering our industry doesn’t have a comparison meerkat on standby?

We’ve compiled an archive of regularly updated articles that not only educate but will help you decide which furniture wholesaler is the best fit for you.

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How to Upsell a Professional Furniture Install Service

There’s no shame in getting an expert to do a job professionally. If you’re struggling to upsell premium installations to your customers, or don’t yet see the value in offering this professional service, we’ve put together a list of all the reasons people choose to pay for professional office furniture installation.

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What’s New with OLG?

Since 2020, we’ve been able to expand both our product range and the services we can offer our customers. If you’re hearing about us for the first time, or just checking back in, here’s a list of everything new with OLG.

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Does a Fixed Height Desk Last Longer Than a Standing Desk?

In this article, we’ll discuss the build quality of both fixed-height desks and standing desks. We’ll explore standard manufacturer testing, product warranties and answer the ultimate question, which desk lasts longer, a fixed height desk or a standing desk?

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How OLG’s Freight System Works.

Even if you understand how global logistics works, there’s one question that stumps even the most experienced warehouse manager. How come freight delivered by car is a shipment, but if you send it via ship, it’s called cargo?

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Reasons to Soundproof Your Office.

At OLG, we’ve been incorporating soundproofing into our office products for a while now and we’re proud to be an industry leader in this space. We’ve compiled a list of the most common reasons people soundproof the office

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How to Soundproof Your Office.

As a rule, acoustic treatment is best placed on surfaces where they will intercept the most amount of audio reflections, so we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on the best materials and placement for office soundproofing.

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How OLG Supports Project Furniture Businesses.

As a project business tasked with the design, construction and fit out of new and refurbished office spaces, you’ll know how important it is to have a reliable wholesale partner on hand. More than just a pick and pack...

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How OLG Supports Drop Shipping Customers.

As a drop shipper of office furniture, you’ll understand how challenging it is to select a wholesale supplier for a long-term partnership. Do you pick the supplier with the cheapest prices? Maybe you’re..

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How OLG Supports Resellers.

As a reseller of office furniture, you’ll understand how challenging it is to select a wholesale supplier for a longterm partnership. Do you pick the supplier with the cheapest prices? Maybe you’re only interested in fast delivery and a complimentary...

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Still not convinced? These are just some of the reasons OLG is the preferred office furniture supplier for so many Australian resellers. If you need help choosing the best furniture wholesaler for your business needs, feel free to drop us an email at or give us a call on (02) 8188 2732.