When it comes to shopping online, there’s one scenario that frustrates every customer, no matter what they’re buying.  Imagine browsing the entire store, filling your cart with items as you go, only to eventually receive the dreaded “Out of Stock” message when you try to checkout. Waste of time, right?

In this article, we’ll explain how you can check OLG’s stock levels at a glance as well as how you can ask one of the guys to check out back.

Stock Levels Are Now in The MyOLG Customer Portal

When browsing through the MyOLG Customer Portal, stock levels are only visible once all the relevant options are selected.

If you take the Quick Stand Desk for example, you need to select Worktop Size, Frame Color and Worktop Finish before stock levels can be determined.

After a few seconds, the “Stocked Item” label with update with a clearer representation of actual numbers.

Less Than 50 Available

Products with less than 50 units in stock are still classed as a Stocked Item, but will display a warning prior to adding to your cart that there are Less than 50 available. When you see this message, it’s a good time to place an order to ensure the stock is reserved and your order can be fulfilled.

Low Stocks – Phone to Check

When stock levels fall below a predetermined minimum threshold, a warning will display prior to adding to your cart, “Low stocks – phone to check”.

While this generally appears on larger, specialized products like the Qzone Phonebooth, there are a couple other reasons this message may appear.

       1. A Related Component or Accessory is Low in Stock

Occasionally, low stock volumes of an accessory or component related to the main product will trigger this message.  More often than not, we have a suitable replacement in stock. A quick call to our customer service team can confirm availability.

       2. Custom Assembly or Manufacture is Required

If a particular item requires custom assembly or a specific manufacturing process, a low stock message may also be displayed. In this instance, customer service will need to confirm lead times with the workshop and any manufacturing partners to confirm availability.

If in Doubt, Give us a Call

The stock levels indicated in the MyOLG customer portal are intended to be used as a purchasing and planning guide. Despite any stock limitations, we are both flexible and resourceful, and with enough notice can fulfil most requests.

As one of Australia’s leading office furniture wholesalers, we do everything in our power to support project managers and resellers. For a full list of everything we can do, check out How OLG Can Win You a Deal. 

 Stuck for ideas? Or maybe you just want an office furniture wholesaler that you can rely on.  Give us a call on 02 8188 2732 or send us an email so we can discuss some options. 

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