As resellers of office furniture, you understand how challenging it is to select a wholesale supplier for a long-term partnership. Between the hundreds of different manufacturers and the impossibly long catalogue of products and services on offer, there are multiple things to consider.

Do you pick the supplier with the trusted reputation and years of experience? Maybe you’re looking for a team that can offer a professional delivery and installation service. Or are you only interested in the lowest price possible?

At OLG, we’ve been supplying wholesale office furniture to Australian resellers for over a decade now. We’ve developed a reputation for providing retailers, drop shippers, and fit-out project managers with quality inventory and outstanding service at competitive prices.

If you’re still weighing up your options, we’ve compiled a list of the things our customers tell us they need from their suppliers. In this article, we’ll discuss all the solutions we our resellers as standard along with the advantages our partners enjoy from choosing OLG.

Reseller Specific Support

At OLG, we’re focused on servicing the increasing number of office furniture resellers through innovation, a robust freight network and exceptional customer service.  In fact, we’ve grown into a specialist reseller wholesaler!

Here are a few ways that OLG supports resellers.

Office Furniture Reseller
A range of unique OLG products and services keeps our resellers happy.
  • Reseller Only Discounts – We like to reward loyalty!  As a partnered reseller, you’ll have access to our exclusive discounted price lists and special delivery options.
  • Y2K – “Yours to Keep” Offer – Want to feature OLG products in your showroom but don’t have the capital to buy it all upfront?  Our Y2K consignment offer allows you to pay off selected office furniture over the course of 10 months with no interest or extra fees.
  • Photorealistic Marketing Collateral – Our expert designers create photorealistic marketing renders for your website and social platforms.  We can add your company logo to your packaging, catalogues, spec sheets and promotional material to help you sell to your customers.
  • Installation Services – Our team of professional installers can provide that final step in your customer’s experience.  From saving your customer time to completing complex soft-wiring assemblies, OLG’s expert staff will get it done.

But in what other ways can OLG support you as a reseller?

How Does OLG Support Resellers?

Quality of Inventory

When it comes to inventory, it’s not just about how many products appear on a wholesaler’s online catalogue. If your furniture wholesaler doesn’t have a large inventory of products, your normal 3–5-day delivery can turn into a logistics nightmare. In saying that, having enough stock on hand is only part of the story.

A good wholesaler will have a wide range of high-quality products available in a selection of materials, colours, and finishes.

A great wholesaler will also carry a suite of complimentary accessories to match. Everything from desks and chairs to monitor arms, cable management solutions and more.

Beware of wholesalers that supply cheap, mass-produced furniture that you will likely need to replace in a few years. You should also check to see what warranty or repair services they offer on their products. 

When OLG first opened its doors in Australia, our product team set out to design office furniture that would last at least 20 years. Using high-quality materials, and a reliable manufacturing network, we’ve created products that stand the test of time.  It’s this confidence in our materials and manufacturing process that allows us to offer a massive 10-year warranty on all our products. High quality materials and expert craftmanship is just one of the many ways OLG supports resellers.


As managers around the world try to convince their employees to return to the office, one complaint often gets raised with us. Not everyone is a fan of black-and-white designs, despite their popularity in the office.

Users of our products have long been asking for customizable extras that set them apart from their competition. Things like screens covered in your choice of coloured fabrics or custom tabletops and chairs upholstered to match your office décor. We can perform a range of these bespoke customization options in-house, slashing lead times on custom orders.

Not only do we provide these options and more, but at OLG, we’re known as a “white label” furniture wholesaler. This means that we’re able to rebrand products and marketing collateral with your company logo and preferred product name.  Think packaging, spec sheets, and instruction manuals, all decorated in your brand. It’s all part of the “Made it Mine” campaign and it’s a great way for resellers to own a product line for themselves.

Photorealistic Renders

There’s nothing worse than realising something you bought looks nothing like what it does on the box. Too many office furniture wholesalers supply cheap renderings and photoshopped graphics.

Marketing collateral and online catalogues with updated, photorealistic renderings will always help potential customers visualize the furniture in their space. They can also demonstrate what customisations you can add to specific products.

OLG’s partnered resellers enjoy a wealth of high-quality product renders, catalogues, and branded spec sheets to help them sell to their customers.

Use of Facilities

As an office furniture reseller, your showroom is your pride and joy.  Having your product range on display for customers can be the difference between making a sale and your customer leaving empty-handed.  In fact, you win most deals on the showroom floor.

From time to time, you might wish to show your customers a specific type of office furniture, only to realize you have no stock available and no floor models to demonstrate.

OLG supports resellers by allowing the use of our purpose-built showroom in Macquarie Park.  We can either arrange a guided tour or allow you to show your customers through on your own. Or, if Macquarie Park is too far for you to travel, we also offer use of our Virtual Showroom.

Delivery & Installation

As much as we all love spending four hours building an IKEA flatpack, it’s always going to be better when a professional does it. Quality furniture wholesalers often offer delivery and installation services, even for your customers. This can include any soft wiring or complex installs that require a certain level of expertise.

When choosing a furniture wholesaler, speed of delivery is also a crucial factor to consider. Having local inventory is fine but if the order sits in a warehouse for a week before dispatch, it defeats the purpose.

An experienced wholesaler will also be able to provide different tiered delivery options. Everything from full container delivery all the way to direct customer setup.

OLG has one of the most robust freight and logistics networks in the industry.  Not only do we have an efficient and established global shipping route, but for the stock we have on hand, we aim for same-day dispatch of all products headed to our resellers.

Project Management

Far beyond just delivery and installation, the best furniture wholesalers can offer end-to-end project management for large or complex office fit-outs.

While large-scale projects don’t often cross over into the reseller space, OLG has the expertise and staff to be able to accommodate certain projects on your behalf.  Imagine being able to send prospective customers a quote on a project that previously would have been well out of reach.

This has the potential to remove the need for a dedicated PM on the client side, ensuring that projects are completed on time and under budget.

Transparency & Honesty

Transparency and honesty in business can be something of a rare trait but look for a furniture wholesaler that tries to be open about everything they do. This covers everything from having realistic marketing to not misrepresenting stock numbers, all the way to reading out the fine print in the sales process.

There are a few ways to tell if your furniture wholesaler puts honesty and transparency at the forefront of their business.

  • Does your furniture wholesaler publish educational content, (like the article you’re reading right now) that is both helpful and unbiased?
  • Can you be certain that the products sourced are both sustainable and ethically sourced?
  • Is your furniture wholesaler clear about their warranty, repair and replacement policies?

At OLG, we’re a family-owned and operated business with an emphasis on integrity, honesty and providing the best value possible to our customers.

Customer Experience

It’s important that your furniture wholesaler treats you like a partner instead of just a customer. So, what does that look like?

As a partnered reseller, this includes providing you with a single point of contact. This could be a dedicated account manager or a project manager for large installations.

But our commitment to customer service goes way beyond just having a reseller hotline.  Resellers partnered with OLG enjoy access to a customized client portal to make ordering, invoice payment and post-sales support much easier.

Being a reseller with OLG comes with a lot of perks, but our focus on your customers is one of the best.

So, what next?

If you’ve made it this far, it’s obvious that you’re excited about the next step.  These are just some of the advantages that OLG resellers enjoy from being part of the family. 

There are a whole lot more ways in which OLG supports resellers that we didn’t mention in this article, so before you meet with our friendly sales representative, make sure you make a list of challenges in your business, and we’ll see if we can solve them!

Want to keep reading? Find out what’s new with OLG or head over to the OLG Learning Centre to explore a curated archive full of educational articles and industry content, all completely free to use.

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