Discover the Rover Range

An innovative collection of mobile furniture designed to revolutionise office and educational environments. Each piece is crafted with large medical-grade castors for ultimate moveability, allowing you to reconfigure your space to suit your needs effortlessly. The range’s acoustic elements, featuring high NRC-rated recycled boards, enhance sound absorption and create a quieter, more focused environment. Timber accents from FSC-certified sources add a touch of natural elegance, making each piece both functional and stylish.

Whether used together or apart, the Rover Range offers unparalleled flexibility and cohesion. Designed to complement each other, these versatile pieces can be combined to create dynamic, collaborative spaces or used individually to address specific needs. From mobile credenzas and lockers to innovative double-sided whiteboards and planter trolleys, the Rover Range is tailored to provide adaptable solutions for modern workspaces and educational settings, ensuring your environment can evolve as quickly as your ideas.