In a world obsessed with instant gratification, there’s one sentence that can make even the most patient of people lose their minds.

“Due to [insert random issue], we are experiencing lengthy delays on the delivery of your package. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”  

That random issue could be anything from COVID cases shutting down Chinese ports, to a tanker blocking the Suez Canal, or even something as simple as leaves on a train line. Even worse than not getting your delivery on time is not knowing what is happening when delays inevitably occur. How can you track your OLG purchase order to ensure that you don’t encounter any last-minute hold-ups?

At OLG, office furniture is only a small part of what we do. For over a decade, we’ve been fine-tuning the customer experience all the way from purchase to install, ensuring the entire process is fast, seamless, and with as few surprises as possible. Additionally, you can be sure that nothing gets lost in the post, thanks to our robust freight network and excellent delivery partners.

In this article, we’ll describe how you can check the progress of your order and track its delivery as it travels from our warehouse to your front door.

OLG Order Tracking Advice
Order Tracking Advice

Method One: Connote Check

When you place an order, we will usually send you two emails within 24 hours.

We will send the first email as soon as we process your order in our system. This email will contain an attached invoice and any payment terms that we have agreed upon.

Next, we will send the second email (pictured on the right) as soon as we pick your items from the warehouse and log them for collection with the courier company.

If you place your order before 10am, we will likely send the tracking email on the same day. Otherwise we generally send tracking emails within 24 hours of receiving the order

We utilize a number of different couriers and delivery partners, as a result, many of these partners supply their own unique tracking number and link. To check on the progress of your delivery in real-time, click on the tracking link to be taken to the courier’s website.

Method Two: MyOLG Portal Check

We’ve recently added new functionality to our customer order portal.

MyOLG Online now lists all of your orders live, regardless of how you placed it. This makes it even easier to track your purchase order.

New MyOLG Online Customer Order Portal.

Some other exciting functionality upgrades include:

  • Ability to search via your PO number, SO number or a tracking number
  • Full 60 days of history and any open orders showing.
  • Tracking hyperlinks linked directly to individual carrier websites.
  • Notifications of orders with payment issues so you can see them immediately.
  • Any exceptions such as backorders are immediately visible.

Why Haven’t I Received My Tracking Email?

There are a few scenarios where no tracking information will be provided. These include:

• Any order with same day delivery
• An order with same day delivery plus install.
• The courier company selected has not providing tracking information to us.

In most of these cases, we’ll communicate when you should expect your delivery and proactively let you know of any changes to the courier’s schedule.

We’re Here to Help

As one of Australia’s leading office furniture wholesalers, we do everything in our power to support project managers and resellers. For a full list of everything we can do, check out How OLG Can Win You a Deal

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