How to Upsell a Professional Furniture Install Service.

As sellers of office furniture, you’ve no doubt met the stereotypically overconfident customer.  He’s the one that assures you that he’s built 100 desks with his eyes closed. He doesn’t even need to look at the instruction manual. He’s also the same guy that’ll blame his tools, the equipment, and the weather when things go wrong. So how can you convince him to enlist the help of a professional to install his office furniture?

At OLG, we’ve been designing, engineering, and assembling wholesale office furniture in Australia for over ten years. In that time, we’ve installed tens of thousands of workspaces on our customer’s behalf. From a single desk and chair install all the way up to a multi-floor corporate office fit-out, we’re experts in professional furniture assembly. We also understand the objections people have when paying the extra money for professional installation.

If you’re struggling to upsell premium installations to your customers, or don’t yet see the value in offering this professional service, we’ve put together a list of all the reasons people choose to pay for professional office furniture installation to help you close that sale.

Your Customer’s Journey

When buying office furniture from you, your customer generally has one of two options.  Either take the flatpack home and build it themselves or pay extra for the professional install option.  They’re weighing up how much work they’re going to have to do versus how much it’s going to cost.  This is the point most customers bite the bullet and decide that the extra couple hundred dollars isn’t worth it.

Rather than letting this upsell opportunity go to waste, here is a whole list of reasons you should be insisting on a professional installer for your customer.

Professional Office Furniture Installers Save Money

This may seem counterintuitive, especially when you know a professional installer will add hundreds of dollars to the price.  But there are a few important reasons why using a professional install service will save your customers money.

Firstly, there’s the product warranty.  Many office furniture products specify that if they are installed incorrectly, the warranty becomes void.  Yes it’s true that a warranty will cover genuine defects or faults with the product. However, it won’t cover your customer drilling into a frame because they assembled a desk back-to-front.

Then there’s the issue of cost versus an hourly rate. A job that professionals can have completed in twenty minutes isn’t the same as one that will take your customer four hours to build on their own.  Time is money, especially for your customer.

Professional Office Furniture Installers are Insured

Accidents happen.  When those accidents are your fault, they can be exorbitantly expensive.

If a customer knocks over a priceless Tibetan vase in their own home, that’s their fault.  But if a professional office furniture installer does it, they’re covered by insurance that will replace or repair the damaged item at no cost to your customer.  This goes for any damages to the product during delivery and installation – as well as any damages to your house or property during the installation.

Professional Office Furniture Installers Save Your Lower Back

Most of us are a lot older than we’d like to admit.  For many of us, the days of being able to carry heavy boxes up three flights of stairs without pulling a muscle are long gone.

But enough about our ongoing existential crises.

The truth is, a professional office furniture installer can save your customers from any number of sprains, strains, and injuries as a result of overconfidence and/or lack of ability.

OLG Delivery & Install Services

Despite being an office furniture wholesaler, OLG has a team of professional installers on hand. You may already have arrangements with your own professional installers or even have a dedicated team in-house, but there are distinct advantages to using OLG’s Delivery and Installation service.

  • Faster Delivery & Installation Times

One advantage that OLG installers enjoys is an intimate familiarity with our product range.  There’s no-one in the world who spends more time assembling our products than we do.  It’s because of this that we’re able to quote shorter project windows than those that have more general experience. 

  • Streamlined Warranty Replacement Process

We make our warranty replacement process easy to begin with, but if OLG is involved, the whole process runs much faster and smoother.  They’re able to take the defective product or part with them and deliver the replacement without having to involve the end user at all.

  • Perfect for Drop Shippers

Drop shipping retailers are all about that zero-touch experience where their customers are completely satisfied without having to directly interact with them.  Adding an OLG Delivery and Installation service adds that extra premium layer to what a drop shipper can offer their customers.

More Options Than Ever Before

If you’re used to rolling your eyes every time a customer assures you that they can build it themselves, this article should give enough information for a good debate at the very least!

If you want make use of OLG’s professional install services for the office furniture you sell, feel free to reach out to our friendly sales team on 02 8188 2732 or email us at info@olgoffice.com

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Still not convinced?

These are just some of the reasons OLG is the preferred office furniture supplier for so many Australian resellers. If you need help choosing the best furniture wholesaler for your business needs, feel free to drop us an email at info@olgoffice.com or give us a call on (02) 8188 2732.