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Explore the latest OLG product brochures to discover our comprehensive Tables, Seating, and Desking product solutions. With a focus on blending aspirational design and functional performance, our range meets the needs of today’s dynamic work environments.

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  • Where can I find Install Instructions?

    If you need installation instructions for your OLG office furniture and can't find the manual that came with it, don't worry. All instruction manuals are readily available online. Simply navigate to the “Products” section, select your item, and then go to “Resources” to access a wide range of documents, including installation guides, maintenance instructions, product brochures, certifications, warranty information, and technical drawings. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team on 02 8188 2732 or info@olgoffice.com.

  • How do I check if an item is in stock?

    To check if a product is in stock at OLG, simply use the MyOLG Customer Portal. Stock levels become visible after selecting all relevant options for a product, such as Worktop Size, Frame Color, and Worktop Finish. For items with less than 50 units available, a warning will alert you before adding them to your cart, indicating it's a good time to order to secure your items. If stock levels drop below a certain threshold, you'll see a "Low stocks – phone to check" message, which could indicate low stock of a related component, the need for custom assembly, or a specific manufacturing process. In such cases, or if you're unsure, it’s best to call our customer service team for confirmation.

  • How to use OLG’s Office Designer Platform?

    To use OLG's Office Designer Platform, start by creating a free account, which will be activated by customer service. You have the option to begin with a template or start from scratch. Templates offer pre-populated office layouts with OLG furniture, all adjustable to fit your needs. If starting from scratch, you can draw structural and partition walls to scale, then furnish the space with OLG's accurately scaled office furniture, including options for lighting, windows, and doors.
    For existing floor plans, upload them via the "Start from Scratch" option, adjusting scale and opacity as needed. Once your layout is complete, transform it into a 3D render for a walkthrough experience using the "3D Global" or "3D WALK" options. Finalise your design by exporting it into a quote request through various formats (email, PDF, or CSV), which can then be sent to OLG's sales team for processing. This platform not only facilitates the design process but also provides a competitive edge by enabling detailed and immersive project planning.

  • How to upsell a Professional Furniture Install Service?

    Upselling professional design installation services can hinge on highlighting key benefits succinctly. Stress the cost-effectiveness, emphasising that professional installation not only ensures warranty protection but also translates into significant time savings. Highlight health benefits, as professional services prevent potential injuries from manual assembly. Underline the efficiency and expertise of professionals who ensure quick and correct setup, thereby enhancing overall satisfaction. This approach reframes professional installation as a strategic investment, ensuring optimal product use and customer satisfaction.

  • How can OLG’s Virtual Showroom help your business?

    OLG's virtual showroom is a state-of-the-art online platform that transforms the office furniture fit-out process for resellers and project managers. Featuring detailed 4K imagery, interactive tooltips for instant product information, and embedded video content, the showroom presents over 60 products in lifelike office settings. Modelled on Google Street View for immersive navigation, it enables users to inspect products closely. This innovative tool not only showcases OLG's offerings effectively but also provides a significant advantage in securing large office fit-out deals by enhancing product presentation and promotion easily available with no appointment necessary.