Behind every great desk is an equally great chair. Together, they help to create a functional office that is a haven of innovation and creativity.

Above all, an office chair needs to be comfortable, and fabric trends for 2024 reflect the user’s desire for a seat that both looks good and feels good. Fabric choices play a large part in comfort levels. “The texture, colour and durability of fabric contributes to the sensory experience, affecting how one feels when sitting in the chair and how the chair enhances the room’s design,” says OLG managing director Peter White. 

Here are our picks for the top fabric trends. 

Back to earth
Consumers want to see businesses reduce waste, increase energy efficiency and utilise sustainable resources. There’s a hunger for earthy colourways that reflect the natural environment, too, and for fabrics that have a sustainable ethos. “Consumers are increasingly seeking eco-friendly materials,” says White. “There’s a growing focus on fabrics that promote wellbeing, such as those with antimicrobial properties or those that ensure optimal airflow.” The 100 per cent polyester upholstery of our Balance and Vista chairs guarantees durability, increasing longevity and reducing furniture turnover. The ergonomic design also assists in enhancing productivity and well-being.

Bold and bright 

The colours we surround ourselves with affect our mood and emotional and physical wellbeing – they can be calming, exciting and inspiring. In 2024, colour forecasters are predicting a resurgence in colour, with strong, bold hues boosting the feel-good chemicals in our brains. While neutrals and timeless black will always have a place in office spaces, bright colours and soft pastels can help to convey a business’ personality. Our Vista chairs come in five on-trend shades: Moss, Rust, Sky, Black & White while our fully upholstered Venice reflects a more classic palette, evoking a sense of calm. 

The touch factor 

Textures not only add interest and depth to a space but are beautifully tactile, and we’ll see a lot more of the texture trend in 2024. “Fabrics should feel pleasant to touch,” says White, “and align with a space’s theme.” Our elevated Venice chair – which features either earthy timber legs or industrial swivelling steel legs beneath a durable, neutral-toned upholstered shell – is highly tactile, and is perfect for break-out areas, where employees can pause ahead of the next great idea. 

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