How OLG’s Bespoke Manufacturing Can Help You Win a Deal

For anyone with a large head that’s ever tried to buy a pair of sunglasses, there’s an uncomfortable truth that everyone comes to realize at some point. Despite all the clever marketing spin, the term “one size fits all” just isn’t true.  As a reseller or project manager of office fit outs, you’ll know this better than anyone. 

At OLG, we carry a range of office furniture solutions to try and cater for every possible customer requirement. And while we are able to service the majority of our projects with product lines that we carry, occasionally we receive out-of-the-box requests that require custom or one-off manufacturing jobs. As part of our commitment to helping you win deals and grow your business, we extend our bespoke manufacturing options to all our customers.

In this article, we’ll list all of OLG’s custom manufacturing capabilities as well as show off some real-world examples of our work.  We’ll also talk about the profound impact that bespoke manufacturing can have when trying to close that deal and after reading, you’ll know exactly what we’re prepared to do for you! 

OLG is Involved in the Manufacturing Process

To ensure we’re following the latest trends and innovation in office furniture technology, OLG is in constant communication with our manufacturing partners, both domestic and overseas.  We work hard to maintain these relationships, and unlike a traditional wholesaler/manufacturing partnership, OLG are involved in the design and manufacture of many of the products we sell.  That means that much of the office furniture you see listed on our website was, at least in part, designed by us.

This includes the Plantation range, the Flare range and many others!

OLG’s Manufacturing Partners are Versatile

Not only do our manufacturing partners involve us in the design and fabrication of new products, they’re also flexible and open to bespoke, one-off manufacturing runs for custom projects. Everything from custom-height fixed tables, multi-column desking and everything in between.

We’ve created and delivered custom office furniture solutions that you won’t be able to find in any catalogue, simply because we’ve designed it from the ground up. 

OLG’s In-House CNC Machine Allows Custom Screen Manufacturing

While many of our suppliers and manufacturing partners are overseas, there is one process that we’ve managed to bring in house.  After purchasing and installing a CNC machine, much of our screen and partition fabrication is now done onsite and on-demand. 

We’re able to create custom-sized and uniquely decorated screens at a moment’s notice, all without incurring exorbitant overseas shipping costs.  It’s for this reason that our custom slide-on partitions are one of our most popular accessories.  They can be prepared with a company’s logo, branding or personalized message to add colour and personality to an office layout.  We’re proud to claim that no other office furniture wholesaler in Australia can match us in terms of turnaround time and screen quality.

A branded office solution not only looks good as a final product, but it conveys a certain sense of sincerity and professionalism when you deliver your tender proposal.

Examples of OLG’s Bespoke Manufacturing

Rather than just list all the projects where we created custom products, it’s probably better just to show you.


Challenge: As part of a project servicing an educational facility, our client requested a large boardroom-style table that was also wheelchair-friendly.  Normally, these tables have a fixed clearance which is too low for wheelchair users.  Our solution involved creating a custom six-column table design with height-adjusting motors.  This allowed the large table to accommodate a large number of people with varying ranges of mobility.


Challenge: Our client requested screens decorated with indigenous artworks from Theo (Faye) Nangala Hudson, a prolific indigenous artist from the Nyirripi community in the Northern Territory.

We were able to reproduce Faye’s art across vibrant screens to create a uniquely indigenous workspace.


Challenge: With our CNC machine, we’re able to reproduce custom images, brand logos and company mission statements with ease!

What Additional Services do OLG Offer to Help You Win a Deal?

More than just a catalogue of wholesale furniture, at OLG, we’re focused on enabling and empowering our customers to manage and deliver large-scale deals as they become available.

Each of our project-specific services has been developed as a result of years of experience in the industry as well as knowing what excites your customers in the deal phase.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll be closing every deal after using OLG’s bespoke manufacturing, we do promise you’ll have a competitive advantage when partnering with us.

If you have a tender or sales opportunity and looking for ways to set yourself apart from the competition, our sales team is here to help. Get in touch here or give us a call on 02 8188 2732 and we’ll get to work.


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