How to Create Spaces for Learning

The modern classroom has changed.

We’ve evolved from the quill to the ballpoint, from the chalkboard to the iPad and we don’t hand out dunce caps to the class clown anymore. The same is true when it comes to classroom furniture.

While we still have some learning spaces consisting of rows of desks and chairs, the modern classroom is dynamic and needs to be able to accommodate new technology and functionality.

Multipurpose Learning Spaces

Education spaces in Australia have a real estate problem. That being too many students and not enough purpose-built classrooms. Instead of spaces dedicated to a single subject, multi-purpose rooms are now reconfigured in the time between classes to suit a variety of functions.

For these spaces, flip top tables with caster wheels can be used to create easily modifiable desk arrangements. Simply flip the tabletop with the one-handed mechanism, lock into place and wheel the frame into storage or its new location.

The Agile Flip Table is the perfect solution for larger workspaces up to 2400mm wide by 1200mm deep. If you’re after a sturdier profile or a round tabletop,


the Modulus Flip Table has a 1200mm round option certified for severe commercial use. For large, multi-table classrooms, lecture halls or training rooms,

the Uni Flip Top Table is a stylish, budget-conscious choice. It’s high stability and durability makes it the go-to table for high-use public



Today, comfort takes centre stage with ergonomically designed seating ranging from fixed sled-base chairs all the way to premium adjustable office chairs.

For large projects or fit outs on a tight budget, the Game Chair is stylish, practical and can be upholstered in a range of breathable coloured fabrics. Available in either 4-leg or sled base configuration, Game Chairs are also stackable for storage.

Staff Spaces

Versatile working spaces for teachers and administrative staff also need to be provided, especially as hot-desking and role-sharing becomes more prevalent.

The Agile Electric Height-Adjustable Workstation is stocked in over 10 different tabletop sizes. It features two motors, a weight rating of 160kgs and a 10-year, best in class warranty! They’re also AFRDI Approved, which means they’re designed to be comfortably used by 95% of the population.

As for the teacher’s favourite, meet the Urban Task Chair. This armless, mesh-backed chair is the perfect balance between practicality and comfortability, sliding neatly under any desk.

Everything else

More than just furniture, educational spaces are also equipped with the latest in convenient innovation.  If you’re looking to fit out an educational space, why not speak to the experts?

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