How OLG’s Freight System Works.

Even if you understand how global logistics works, there’s one question that stumps even the most experienced warehouse manager. How come freight delivered by car is a shipment, but if you send it via ship, it’s called cargo?

We don’t know either.

One thing we do know is freight. OLG is a market leader when it comes to global shipping logistics, having developed one of the most robust supply chains in the industry. We’re able to source a wide range of competitively priced products at short notice giving our resellers a clear edge over the competition.

But how do we do it?

This quick guide explains a little about how OLG’s freight system works. We’ll go through the ins and outs of international logistics while also explaining the extra steps OLG takes to deliver you your product on time. If you’ve ever wondered how you came to be sitting on an office chair made on the other side of the planet, this article is for you!

A Global Supplier Network

We’ve partnered with some of the best furniture suppliers from around the world to build our product range. In fact, up to 15 international manufacturers make up OLG’s global network with our partners located in Germany, Taiwan, China and Malaysia. These well-established relationships mean more choice, more versatility and the best quality products on the market.

Global Shipping Network

But we’re also good at recognizing homegrown talent. OLG utilizes the products and services of at least 5 Australian-based companies to supply things like soft wiring and custom worktops. Having domestic suppliers and manufacturers on hand means you’re not left waiting weeks and months for ordered stock.

Shipping Solutions

At OLG, we’re all about efficiency and this means finding the fastest and most cost-effective way to get our products delivered to you. To keep our international shipping rates competitive, OLG uses a freight broker that negotiates rates and lead times on our behalf. We’ve used this same broker in various capacities for over two decades now, and as a result, we’re able to enjoy the benefits that come with such a robust relationship.

We utilize two different types of container transport depending on the supplier and how much inventory we need to import. We’ll either use a “full container load” (FCL) or lease a portion of a container, known as a “less-than-container load” or LCL.

TEX containers

Admittedly, global supply chain issues can add delays to our shipping times, but on average, OLG dispatches two full containers of furniture every two weeks. This ensures that we’ve always got the latest stock as well as healthy inventory levels stored in our warehouse.


Have you ever been to a theme park with a fast pass? While the rest of the people wait in line, you get to skip the queue and get on the rollercoaster first. Believe it or not, the same system exists when it comes to clearing international shipments through customs.

OLG holds an Australian Trusted Trader Accreditation, meaning our freight gets priority status when inspected by the Australian Border Force. This means that incoming OLG containers are generally cleared by customs within 2 days of arrival. Compare this to an average of 20 days for non-accredited businesses.

Storage & Warehousing

Crucial to OLG’s freight system, our storage and warehousing solutions allows us to strike a balance between different stock types and the amount of product we can keep on hand.

We recently optimized the way we store, move and dispatch our goods to make better use of the space we have. One of the ways we were able to achieve this was through the installation of mesh decks, also known as walk-in racking. This solution is not only safer, but we can store more goods per rack when compared to traditional chipboard shelving.

We’ve also implemented a state-of-the-art inventory tracking system in our warehouse. This platform allows us to do real-time stock forecasting and inventory control.

All this warehouse optimization means that we can ensure correct order picking, a faster dispatch and delivery to our customers.

Delivery Solutions

Getting our office furniture products sent halfway across the world is only one step in OLG’s global freight system. The final leg of the journey involves delivering products to both resellers and in some circumstances, the end user themself.

We use a tiered delivery system depending on our customer requirements and budget.

1. Fork-On / Fork-Off
Our cheapest and most used solution is the “fork-on/fork-off” or basic delivery service. Our products travel via courier from our warehouse to our reseller’s doorstep
which is then unloaded by forklift.

2. Tail Lift
For smaller resellers or those without heavy warehouse equipment, OLG offers a handy tail-lift delivery service. In this option, pallets are lowered from the truck and
collected using a pallet jack.

3. Hand Delivery
Even smaller still, hand delivery is exactly like it sounds. When receiving a single box or handful of items, hand delivery is the perfect low-cost shipping method.

5. OLG 5 Star
For NSW Metro customers who prefer a truly bespoke, red-carpet experience, nothing compares to the OLG 5 Star delivery service. In this option, OLG staff deliver, unpack and even install your brand-new office furniture. They’ll even take away any leftover packaging when they leave!

The OLG Difference

It’s no secret that global shipping costs have skyrocketed in recent years. Add this to intense inflationary pressures and global economic instability and you have a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully, OLG has both a robust freight management system in place and a global network of partners that help to ease some of these pressures.

We’ve managed to stay competitive in both our speed of delivery and lower shipping costs and will continue to look for ways to improve the experience for our customers.

If you’re a drop shipper or office furniture reseller, our sales team is here to help. Get in touch here or give us a call on 02 8188 2732 and we’ll get to work. 

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Still not convinced?

These are just some of the reasons OLG is the preferred office furniture supplier for so many Australian resellers. If you need help choosing the best furniture wholesaler for your business needs, feel free to drop us an email at info@olgoffice.com or give us a call on (02) 8188 2732.