What Are the Average Lead Times on Orders?

When time is money, being on time is worth every cent.
Time is Money

When timing is important to your business, having a supplier that you can depend on is everything. This means that when you’re quoted an overnight delivery, you expect that item to be on your doorstep the next day.  

At OLG, we’ve been importing and manufacturing office furniture for well over a decade. We know that coordinating with multiple suppliers, vendors and logistics partners is no easy task. Especially if you need everything to all line up at the same time. So, what are the average lead times you can expect on standard orders?    

What Are the Average Lead Times on Orders?

Different OLG products take different amounts of time to source and dispatch, depending on their availability and how much custom manufacture has to take place. Read on to learn which products attract delays.

How Long Does It Take to Dispatch a Stocked Item?

If an order is placed for an item in stock, we’re able to dispatch it from the warehouse by the next business day. To check if an item is in stock, simply visit the MyOLG Customer Portal or give us a call to confirm.

What Are the Average Lead Times on Orders with Acoustic Screens?

Creating custom acoustic screens for office workstations is a manual and time-consuming process. Fortunately, we can now perform the entire manufacturing process in our own warehouse. Orders that contain custom screen manufacture will generally take between 1-2 weeks to complete.

What Are the Average Lead Times on Orders with Custom Frame Sizes?

There are many reasons you might need a custom frame for your office desk. You might want extra stability and weight capacity, or you might have some accessibility requirements. Either way, orders that require custom frames or rails will generally add around 3 days to the expected completion date.

What Are the Average Lead Times on Orders with Custom Tabletops?

OLG stocks a wide range of tabletop sizes for most office functions, however, occasionally a unique space calls for a custom solution. Orders that require custom tabletop sizes will generally require an additional 4 weeks to the expected completion date.

What Other Variables Can Delay My Order?

  • International Shipping Delays – This only applies to orders we don’t stock.
  • The size of your order – Large orders, especially ones with acoustic screens included can delay your order being fulfilled.
  • Choosing NonStandard Colours & Finishes – Premium colours and desktop laminates can take a while to arrive from overseas suppliers.

So, I’ve Placed an Order. How Long Now?

All that’s left to do now is wait for your order to arrive.  You’re able to track your purchase order through the MyOLG Customer Portal or via the tracking number on your consignment note.

We’re Only a Phone Call Away

If you’re looking for an office furniture wholesaler that you can rely on, feel free to give us a call at 02 8188 2732 so we can discuss some options.

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